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Indian Summer EP

Track Listing: 

1. Indian Summer
2. Sophia
3. Turning Slowly
4. I Guess I Won't Know  
5. Grace

Bonus Track: 
Four White Horses 


Words and Music by Kyle English

Production by Elton Clifton
Produced at Clifton Audio 

Kyle English: acoustic guitar and vocals (all tracks)

Elton Clifton: guitar(s) and multi-instrumental mad-scientist  (all tracks)

Amazing Guest Artists (who lent their time and talent):

Joel Cotton:  bass on "I Guess I Won't Know"
David Faul: piano on "Grace"
Mike Georgin: bass on "Grace"
Lauren Schloemer: violin on "Grace"  
Austin Lee Speigel: harmonica on "Four White Horses" 

All photographs by: Amanda Everhart Greenwell
Album artwork by: Karen Sievertson of P. B. Photographics
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